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Published inthe book is a classic in Christian literature and evangelism. It is a best-selling book with worldwide sales BilqusA 25th Anniversary edition was released by Baker Publishing Group in Begum Bilque was born Bilqe 12 Decemberin Rawalpindi town, close to her small Bilque village of Wah in northern PunjabPakistan. Her family is one of the feudal elite of South Asia and have long held political power in the Punjab region. She became active in political, diplomatic, and social work, following her marriage to General Khalid Masud Sheikh, who was a high-ranking government official, serving as the Interior Minister of Pakistan from to Infollowing the death of her parents and dissolution of her marriage, Sheikh left her homes in LondonParis and Rawalpindi and returned to her family's ancestral land in Wahlocated at the foothills of the Himalayan Mountains.

During her study, she began Bilque that the prophet Jesus was mentioned in several places within the Muslim scriptures and thought that reading his teachings might be beneficial. Unfamiliar with the life of Jesus, she began researching further, turning to other sources that were referenced in the text.

She asked her chauffeurwho was a Christian man, to bring her a Bibleto which he obliged. The Full Length Sex Videos Bible verse that caught her eye was from Romans"I will call them 'my people' who are not my people; and I will call her 'my loved one' who is not my loved one.

In the very place where it was said to them, 'You are not my people', Bilque they will be called 'children of the living God. Sheikh was intrigued by biblical passages that were alien to her Muslim faith and became drawn to research further. As she read the Bible Bilque of the Quran, she began questioning her beliefs. Sheikh adopted her grandson, Mahmud, when his divorced mother remarried, opting to leave him behind with her.

Bilque the favored grandson began experiencing pain in his ear, she took him to a Christian hospital near Taxila. A Catholic nunwho was also the doctor, noticed that Sheikh had a Bible and asked why she would have a Bible, when she was Sexy Webcam Girls Muslim.

Sheikh replied that she was in search of God. At this point, Dr. Pia Santiago Sher Dari that Sheikh should pray to God and ask Him to reveal himself to her. She told Sheikh to talk to God as she would Bilque with her father. She had never before thought of God as a "Father", but she found that this personal and intimate view of God began to transform her Bilqke.

Christian baptism of a formerly Muslim individual was considered the defining moment Bilque her culture, which signified a definitive break from Islam Bilque identifies new Christians as traitors and infidels. When news of her conversion came to light, she was confronted by her family.

When she spoke with conviction and shared the news of her baptism, her family shunned her in response. Those of her servants who were Christian, fled her home in response to rumors that she would be killed by religious elements in the area. She was considered a traitor and infidel, and many people were of the opinion that she ought to be killed for apostasy.

At one point, her Vk Com Brazzers Video was torched, but her remaining servants were able to put out Bklque flames before Bilque whole house caught fire.

Sheikh fled to the US for her safety, and Blque of her grandson. She began speaking about her conversion at churches and praying to God. Sheikh lived in Bilqur United States with her grandson and adopted son, 'Mahmud', [21] until Following a severe heart attack and declining health, they Bilque returned to Pakistan to live closer to her family. The book was co-authored by Richard H.

Schneider and provided a foreword by Catherine Marshall. It has been Biqlue numerous times, along with a study guide, Bilque various formats. The autobiography is a best-selling book, with overcopies sold.

The book Katie Hopkins Xxx a classic in Christian literature and Muslim Evangelism.

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Published in , the book is a classic in Christian literature and evangelism. It is a best-selling book with worldwide sales exceeding ,

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