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Granny Missionary

Granny Missionary

Granny Missionary

Erotisk Granny Brand :: Gospel Fellowship Association Missions Pics

Amy Carmichael in her lovely little book of verse entitled Toward Jerusalem in six brief lines unwittingly painted a word picture of Granny Brand. We would not linger on the lower slope. Evelyn Constance Harris was born May into a well-to-do family, the ninth of eleven children. She grew up in a strict Baptist home in the fashionable St. John's Wood area of London.

Her father saw that she had the best of education suitable to young ladies of that age and station in life. She was a very artistically talented young lady who remained so throughout her long life. She accepted Christ as a young girl and was baptized by immersion at eleven years of age. In the home and at church she was exposed to missions, particularly those in India. As a young lady she would at times break out of the protection of her home, going into the London slums on missions of mercy.

As a young adult, she was challenged by the letters published in a missionary journal written by a missionary to the hill people of south India. Later, when on his Olivia Blu furlough, she heard him speak both at her church and at tea in her home.

As Jesse Mann Brand spoke of the neglected hill people so steeped Granny Missionary Hinduism, sin, and poverty, her heart was drawn out to these whose home was on the Kolli Moloi "mountains of death," so named because of the many diseases and particularly deadly malaria that ravished these mountain areas. She volunteered for missionary service Granny Missionary these needy people.

As much as her parents hated to see her leave home, they recognized that the hand of God was on her and that she must be obedient to the call of God. After a short course of missionary medicine, she proceeded to India in Her first task was to learn the difficult Tamil language.

The hot, humid climate of Madras was depressing as well. Here again she met Jesse Brand, who spoke Tamil like a native. It was first as language instructor, encourager, friend, and subsequently beloved that the relationship grew rapidly. Joyfully she accepted his proposal of marriage. Because Jesse felt that the Granny Missionary people would be misled with any display of wealth or luxury, he went up to the mountains to build a very simple three-room home with a small outside cook house.

It was to this home she was carried Granny Missionary her wedding day in a type of wicker basket. The last few miles were in a downpour of rain. It was August Together Jesse and Evelyn ministered to the hill people in south India.

There were no roads, so on foot or hill pony they trekked all over the mountains. Jesse was a man with many talents—doctor, dentist, preacher, teacher, counselor, agronomist, builder, etc.

His medical skills, which he had learned in England, broke down barriers. Their first Granny Missionary was a lad whose salvation brought great joy to their hearts. But he died very soon of pneumonia. With the years, the work among the hill people progressed. A church with outstations was established. Two children were born to the Brands: Paul Granny Missionary Connie. They grew up as young gazelles on the "mountains of death. In due time they were left with family in England to pursue their education.

He died July 15, There was a simple service, and his body was buried there on the "mountains of death. Evelyn was devastated, alone there in the mountains. As soon as possible, a niece Ruth, who was in her last year of medical training, dropped out of school to go to be with her aunt in India. Some three months later she accompanied her back to England.

By this time Paul was a strapping year-old, and Connie was a lovely year-old young lady. They hardly knew their mother—she had aged so much in the ensuing years—but soon the absence of years was erased, and they were at ease and happy with her. A year later she returned to her beloved hill people in the mountains. It was hard without Jesse, but she was soon into the routine of medical clinics, teaching, discipling, rebuking, and exhorting all over the range of mountains; and the next five years sped by.

During Grandpa Xxx war years, the mission board would not let her go back to the mountains—the unrest, the division of India and Pakistan, the bloodshed of those years were thought to be too dangerous for her to be alone on the mountains. She served reluctantly on the plains, but she was always importuning the board to allow her to return to the mountains.

Finally, inwhat she called a "new birth" occurred. There was a new India, now an independent nation. Paul, now a medical doctor, returned to India as a missionary to the Vellore Christian Medical College.

She built a small wattle-and-mud hut for a home and tirelessly ministered to these neglected people. My wife and I had already met Connie, a trained pharmacist, who, with her husband a missionary pastor was serving in Nigeria, and Paul, who was gaining a reputation for his work in leprosy. In Granny fell in her home in the mountains and fractured her hip. She was carried down out of the mountains to Vellore to be with Paul and his family.

I was there at the time, observing Paul's work. At 74 years of age, Granny was a feisty old lady, very dedicated to the task to which God had called her. Paul and his family were trying to persuade her to retire from the rigors of mountain life and come live with them in a comfortable home. She would have none of it. And Ethiopiasxe did.

Inat the age of 84, she moved to a third range of mountains. Again, she had the same pattern of extensive trekking on a small hill pony, walking with two bamboo poles for support, and living in very simple conditions. She had an utter lack Adal Matar dependence on things.

In a letter to Paul, Granny wrote that she would soon have her 95th birthday. She was sure a lot of kindly people would write and praise her and say how wonderful she was to be working still at 95 years of age. She said, "I am not wonderful.

I am just a poor, old, frail, and weak woman. God has taken hold of me and gives me the strength I need each day. He uses me just because I know that I have no strength of my own. Please tell the people to praise God, not me. In October she came out of the Granny Missionary to see Paul, who was on a brief visit to India.

Here again she fell, injuring her knee. There was no fracture, but the injury was very painful. She slowly went down following that injury and quietly slipped into the presence of her Lord December 18,at the age of Her frail, wasted body was carried back and buried beside her beloved Jesse there on the "mountains of death.

Granny Missionary

Granny Missionary

Amy Carmichael in her lovely little book of verse entitled Toward Jerusalem in six brief lines unwittingly painted a word picture of Granny Brand. We would not linger on the lower slope,. Evelyn Constance Harris was born May into a well-to-do family, the ninth of eleven children.

Granny Missionary

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Granny Missionary

Granny Missionary

Granny Missionary

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