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M36 Slugger

M36 Slugger

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The M36 combined the hull of the M10 tank destroyerwhich used the M4 Sherman's reliable chassis and drivetrain combined with M36 Slugger armorand a massive new turret mounting the 90 mm gun M3. Conceived inthe M36 first served in combat in Europe in Octoberwhere it partially replaced the M10 tank destroyer.

It also saw use in the Korean Warwhere it was able to defeat any of the Soviet tanks used in that conflict. Some were supplied to South Korea as part of the Military Assistance Program and served for years, as did re-engined examples found in Yugoslaviawhich operated into the s. Two remained in service with the Republic of China Army at least until The vehicle is also known under the unofficial nickname JacksonM36 Slugger Family Lust Xxx designation appears to be a postwar misnomer that was never used by the US Army.

Wankable Pics destroyer units were meant to counter German blitzkrieg tactics. Tank destroyer units were to be held as a reserve at the corps or army level, and were to move quickly to the site Erotika Sex Shop any massed enemy tank breakthrough, maneuvering aggressively and using ambush tactics charging or chasing enemy tanks was explicitly prohibited to destroy enemy tanks.

This led to a requirement for very fast, well-armed vehicles. The idea was to use speed and agility as a defense, rather than thick armor, to bring a powerful self-propelled gun into action against enemy tanks. With the advent of heavy German armor such as the Panther and Tigerthe standard U. This was foreseen, however, and in late summer American engineers had begun analyzing the potential of designing a new tank destroyer armed with a 90mm gun.

This study resulted in a prototype vehicle, the 90 mm Gun Motor Carriage T53which placed the 90 mm gun in an open mounting at the rear of an M4 Sherman chassis. The Tank Destroyer Force objected, arguing that the design of the T53 was too rushed. In Octoberthe Ordnance Department tested mounting the experimental 90 mm gun T7 into the turret of an M10 tank destroyer. Mounting the 90 mm gun was straightforward, but the gun proved too heavy for the M10's turret.

A new turret was designed that incorporated power traverse and a massive counterweight to balance the gun. Initially, a request for full production was denied as 90 mm guns were already being studied for use on tanks, but Army Ground Forces approved the project M36 Slugger Octoberand tests began.

The ring mount on the left side of the turret for the. It was decided that production vehicles would use the chassis of the M10A1 tank Karlstad Escort, as significant numbers M36 Slugger M10A1s were available, and it was determined that the M10A1 had superior automotive characteristics. After testing, an initial order for vehicles was issued.

After Julythe appliqué armor bosses on the hull side of the M10A1 were deleted as the armor kits were never manufactured. This meant that some M36s had the redundant bosses, while others did not. The M36 initially retained the M10A1's "stirrup" gun rest on the rear hull; crews were unhappy about the lack of a proper travel lock for the 90 mm gun, and many improvised their own from travel locks taken from tanks.

As the massive muzzle blast of the 90 mm gun obscured the crew's vision and reduced the rate of fire, a double-baffle muzzle brake was fitted to all vehicles after the firstbeginning in early November M36 Slugger proper folding travel lock better-suited to the 90 mm gun was added to the rear hull at about this time.

As the initial contract was for vehicles, General Motors' Fisher Tank Arsenal produced the last M36 Slugger tank destroyers in January without turrets for immediate conversion to M36s. This conversion lasted from April to July The contract was later increased to vehicles, M36 Slugger it was decided that existing M10A1s were also to be converted to M36s. The requirement was later increased to vehicles on May 15, As it was found that the M10 tank destroyer had struggled against German tanks like the Panther and especially the Tiger during the Normandy campaignthe contract was increased to 1, vehicles on July 29, This caused problems, as only of the 1, M10A1s that had been completed could be requisitioned from training units.

Due to the lack of M10A1 hulls, it was decided to finish up the initial production run by mounting M36 turrets onto M4A3 Sherman hulls, with the necessary internal changes. The Army reduced the 1,vehicle objective for to 1, vehicles. The supply of M10A1s eventually ran out, so it was decided in January that M10 hulls would be used for all further conversions. The first 40 M36s did not make it overseas until Septemberand M36 Slugger combat in October The rd Tank Destroyer Battalion began reequipping on 30 September The Third US Army used them to reequip towed battalions.

Another th gunner, Lt. Alfred Rose, scored a kill against a Panther at 4, yards metresM36 Slugger maximum range of Jun Ai Maniac telescopic sight. However, the Panther's 82 to 85mm thick glacis plate [5] could deflect certain shots from the 90 mm gun at just yards metresand the mm thick front armor of the Tiger II could only be penetrated in a few hard-to-hit places.

It could destroy any Soviet-made AFV deployed in that theater of operations. South Korean tank battalions were provided with M36s along with a small number of M10 tank destroyers during the Korean War. M36s were also exported after World War II to various countries. One recipient was Yugoslaviawhich received Yugoslavian M36s participated in the Croatian War of Independence —but they were withdrawn immediately from service with the Croatian Armed Forces after the war.

As of Aprilat least two still remained in service with troops in Lieyu Township. American tank destroyer doctrine emphasized speed and gun power over armor. As the M10 M36 Slugger M36 were not purpose-built tank destroyers they were based on tank chassis they were not as fast as the Tank Destroyer M36 Slugger wanted.

General Andrew Bruce criticized the M36 due to it being too slow. The thickness of the Jet Li Nude armor ranged from 0. The lower hull had 1 in 25 mm thick armor on the sides and rear. The rounded, cast transmission cover was 2 in 51 mm thick. Like the M10, the M36 lacked the extra 0.

The glacis plate was 1. The sides Emilia Clarke Bikini rear of the upper hull were 0. Depending on the production period of its M10 parent, each side of the M36's upper hull was plain, or could be adorned with 12 appliqué armor bosses. The rear upper hull plate was used for storage of the vehicle's pioneer tools; a 5 lb 2. The track tensioning wrench M36 Slugger also stowed there.

As a result, there were no appliqué armor bosses there regardless. The sides and rear of the upper hull featured angled extensions or covers over the upper run of track.

These extensions often got in the way of fitting duckbill extended end connectors, used to reduce ground pressure on soft ground, and were often removed, along with the front fenders, by maintenance units. The hull roof plate ranged from 0. The sides of the M36's rounded turret were 1. A massive hollow cast M36 Slugger was welded to the rear of the turret to balance the heavy gun. The top was 0. The rear was 1. The rounded cast gun shield was 3 in 76 mm thick.

The gunner aimed the gun Jonesy Fortnite Png the M76F telescope. The Camilla Xxx mm gun M3 was the standardized version of the experimental T7, a derivative of the 90 mm gun developed as a vehicle-mounted antitank weapon. The M36 carried 47 rounds of main gun ammunition, 11 of which were stowed in the hollow counterweight, while 36 rounds were stowed in the sponsons.

For combat use, the 90mm gun M3 could fire five types of ammunition:. The M82 armor-piercing capped M36 Slugger was the main round used for engaging enemy tanks. It had a large explosive filler to increase damage after penetration. It was capable of penetrating mm 5. The T33 shot was a normal substitute standard M77 armor piercing shot that was heat-treated to improve its hardness and fitted with a ballistic windshield to improve its drag characteristics.

The M71 high explosive shell was used for indirect fire, or engaging enemy infantry, antitank guns, light vehicles, or other soft targets. The M36 tank destroyer M36 Slugger equipped with a single. Because of the difficulty in firing the. The M36B1 retained the Element Spa Bilder machine gun of the M4A3 Sherman tank, and had 2, rounds of ammunition for it.

The crew had their personal weapons for self-defense. From M36 Slugger, the free encyclopedia. Tank destroyer. M36 tank destroyer moving in heavy fog to stem German spearhead in Belgium. April—August October—December May Synchromesh 5 speeds forward, Erikas Skrädderi Södermalm reverse.

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M36 Slugger

M36 Slugger

M36 Slugger

M36 Slugger

The M36 combined the hull of the M10 tank destroyer , which used the M4 Sherman's reliable chassis and drivetrain combined with sloped armor , and a massive new turret mounting the 90 mm gun M3.

M36 Slugger

11/10/ · The M36 Jackson was built on an older design: the M10 Gun Motor itself based on the chassis of the M4 Sherman tank. The United States’ doctrine on combating the powerful heavy German tanks was with speed, manoeuvrability and firepower. In action this was done by safe distance ambushes and hit and run arobidriver.meted Reading Time: 3 mins.

M36 Slugger

M36 Slugger

20/03/ · To others, it was simply known as the "Slugger". Approximately 1, M36 examples of all types were eventually completed - either as new-build or as conversion models. Of these, 1, were made up of the original base M36 models (M10A1 hull / M4A3 chassis). The M36 formally replaced the M10 series in the US Army inventory.